I joined TEST FITNESS in 2008. I am in my mid seventies and work out almost every day.  Bob Orosz is the Owner and Elaine Orosz is the Office Manager, this gym is family owned and they try to make you part of the family. TEST is very clean and well organized thanks to Keith Molloy and the front desk staff.  Both Bob and Keith are top notch Personal Trainers.  Take a good look and join, You may feel Better about yourself.  By the way, we have members in their 80’s and they look GREAT! Hope to see you!
– Jim F.

What else can I say! I went from a couch potato to a triathlete!

–  Jen T.  –  Little Silver, NJ

I would definitely recommend this program to others because it works!  The results set this program apart from others I’ve tried in the past. I have ran a half marathon and several sprint triathlons in recent months.  I would never have attempted these things if I hadn’t been training at TEST.  Being in the best shape of my life has given me the confidence to achieve all my fitness goals!

–  Jen G.  – Red Bank, NJ

I am a 65 year old woman and have been working out most of my adult life.  However, I was not consistent and was frustrated with myself.  At TEST FITNESS each workout is different which keeps my interest and desire to get stronger.  My lifestyle has changed in that I am much more aware of the importance of eating healthy and drinking water throughout the day.  I am amazed at how strong I am getting!  I have exceeded my goals.  I would recommend this program to others!

  –   Pat A. – Red Bank, NJ

I would definitely recommend TEST FITNESS to older athletes.  The high standards that the staff have make this training atmosphere a truly worthwhile experience.  They are serious in their endeavor to help clients meet their goals and the groundwork they lay in accomplishing these goals is very clear upon beginning the program.  I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at being the best I can be, “second” because I started at almost the halfway point in my life.  I feel like a new person!

–   Carol – Red Bank, NJ