Ozone Fitness

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Robert Orosz, CEO/Owner Ozone Fitness:
CSCS(certified strength & conditioning), TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified, TRX certified, CPR/AED certified. Bob graduated with a B.S degree in Exercise Science from Montclair State University. Bob is the Director of Fitness At Trump National Golf Club, Colts Neck and Beacon Hill Country Club, Atlantic Highlands.  Founding and starting Ozone Fitness in September 2000. Our mission is to provide the very best personal training and fitness programming in Monmouth County.  Bob has worked with a very large spectrum of clients over the last 26 years, many of them he still continues to work with today since year one.  His Goal is to create exercise strategies that are realisticand last a lifetime one person at a time. Bob is Also very involved in the community serving on the Board of Directors at Brookdale Community College and has assisted in First Aid for the Holmdel Football Club.
Richard Opong, Certified Ozone FitnessTrainer & Nutritionist:
Certified Trainer & Finalist National Natural Bodybuilder Amateur & Professional Bodybuilding Judge. Owner of Wall Street Nutrition, Richard Opong has been in the Fitness / Wellness industry for over 25 years. Rich is a national Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with AFAA.  Best know for his unique style, Rich is able to train his clients without putting any stress on the joints, allowing maximum results.
Kim Dammann

Certified Personal/Group Trainer through the NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers)
Kim has been with Ozone Fitness since the beginning of 2016. She applies behavioral, motivational and exercise strategies to help gain or maintain a healthy lifestyle. She dedicates herself to each session and class to tailor the exercises to meet the individual’s needs. During group classes, Kim shows various ways that individuals with different fitness levels can modify their workout.

Unlike bigger gyms with overcrowded classes, Kim’s classes are not a “one size fits all” type of class. She continuously corrects and motivates to give individuals a work out that is safe, effective, and fun!
Focus: Weight loss, Muscle Development, Toning and Sculpting and Endurance Training.

Keith Molloy, Trainer/Sports Nutritionist:
B.A.from Glassboro State College, in Health, Physical Education & Recreation.  CSCS (certified strength & conditioning specialist) Certified through National Strength and Conditioning Association.CISSN Sports Nutrition Certified through the International Society of Sports Nutrition, TRX certified, RBT (Resistance Band Training) Certified, CPR / AED certified.  Over 50,000 training sessions performed in his fitness career with 32+ years experience in the fitness field.
Judi Blechman, CFT, CES:
Judi helps people develop physical strength, endurance and mental clarity. Her style focuses on increasing range of motion and function, particularly post injury. Her 12 years in rehabilitative and functional training have allowed her to help a varied group of clients – from those with chronic diseases or orthopedic limitations to individuals looking to achieve weight-loss goals or improve their fitness level. Judi creates diverse, creative and challenging programs for her one-on-one training sessions.
Certified in Orthopedic Exercise by American Council on Exercise (ACE), and as a Certified Fitness Trainer by World Instructor Training Schools (WITS), Judi also holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Monmouth University. Her specializations include Corrective Exercise, through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Post Rehabilitative Exercise, with American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).
Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, you can usually find Judi in her convertible or at the beach. When winter hits, she enjoys spending time snow skiing.
Judi has been a member of the Personal Training team for 10 years.
Beata Lahham

Beata was always extremely active, she has been involved in a variety of sports and activities throughout her entire life. In between playing basketball, volleyball, swimming, dance, hiking, and biking and then in college, she was committed to at least one hour training session every day. Her goal was to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight while dealing with a hectic schedule. A lifelong passion for health and fitness has provided her with the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience to help people to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Beata is certified through the World Instructor Training School (WITS), National Council For Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) and World Instructor Training School- Older Adult Fitness Specialist. Staying active and ongoing education is a high priority for her. She has been working with many clients over the past 10 years. Her specialties include working with older adults, functional training, special population, functional flexibility, pregnancy and strength training, back injury prevention, core conditioning, golf conditioning specialist, golf wellness specialist, training woman and weight loss. She also holds Nutrition Essentials certificate and she is currently exploring and taking Aquatic Personal Training classes. She is a member of Idea Health and Fitness Association. She is constantly, researching and educating herself in the fitness field, she is known for her creativity. She provides tailored programs individualized specifically to meet clients goals and needs. Beata brings a high level of attention and professionalism to her training program, delivering superior results.

Mark Lisky

Mark William Lisky is a exercise coach, author and speaker.  He will specialize in self defense in groups and one on one personal training. He was formerly the exercise and health science editor for Chelo Publishing which included, Men’s Exercise, Exercise for Men Only, Best Body & Natural Bodybuilding magazines. For over 30 years Mark’s trained hundreds of individuals from all age groups and abilities, kids to nonagenarians (90+). His areas of expertise are restorative exercise, sports conditioning, boxing and Close Quarter Combat (CQC). Mark has also been intensely active in designing exercise programs for people with quality-of-life issues. These issue include sarcopenia, cancer, type-2 diabetes, depression, hypertension, osteoporosis, osteopenia, lower back issues, multiple sclerosis, metabolic syndrome, obesity, menopause, stress disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia, fall anxiety/balance issues and Parkinson’s disease.
Mark studied exercise under the tutelage of internationally renowned Romanian sports scientist Dr. Tudor Bompa, who created the sports conditioning method called periodization. Mark worked directly with Dr. Bompa on several projects including designing the Iron Man Training System for Iron Man Magazine.
Using the periodization model, Mark designed physical conditioning programs for amateur and professional athletes including members of the Russian national skating team notably 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Evgeny Platov and World Champion & Olympic Silver Medalist Maya Usova to name a few.
As a professional speaker, Mark’s talks on Restorative Exercise have been sponsored by professional organizations notably; Monmouth Psychological Associates, Riverview Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Meridian Health, Orthopedic, Neurological Rehabilitation Services and the Cardiac-Rehab group Mended Hearts. In addition, he is an authority on the subjects of “Protecting Athletic Potential” and “The Prevention of Overuse Injuries In Young Athletes” (both physical and psychological by over-zealous coaches).
As a current member of Spartan Group, Mark has worked closely with elements of the US military’s “Special Operations Community” designing mission specific physical training programs. One such project was with the Naval Medical Advisory Board for Special Warfare Operations critiquing all exercise techniques used by the US Navy SEALS. Mark also spent time in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq designing physical conditioning programs for the Kurdish military‘s “Rapid Deployment Force”.