Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. This is a way to help reduce the possibility of injury. From a running to a rugby drop kick, flexibility of the body’s muscles and joints play a major role in many athletic movements. Athletes will gain many benefits from a stretching program.

Flexibility Training
For example, by increasing your range of motion, performance is enhanced and the risk of injury reduced. Tight neck muscles can restrict how far you can turn your head. If you are making a tackle in a football game and your head is forced beyond its range of movement, this can place strain on the neck muscles and tendons, potentially leading to a serious injury. Flexibility training increases your range of motion, which, in turn, helps to avoid injury.

With the Ocean Integrated’s Flexibility Training Program, we create a more flexible and mobile athlete. It allows enhanced movement around the court or field with greater ease and fluidity. Some other benefits may include an increase in body awareness and a promotion of relaxation in the muscle groups stretched; both of which may have positive results for increased skill and performance.

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