Why we chose Arbonne Products

These products are “the best of the botanicals infused with the safest of science” and comprised of four key pillars that we believe in

  1. Plant-Based Ingredients
  2. High Clean Standards – guided by an ingredients policy that prohibits over 2,000 ingredients
  3. Co-Developed with Experts
  4. Scientific Tested – increases the safety and efficacy of each product

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Ozone Fitness of Tinton Falls has teamed up with Liv Right Nutrition of Toms River NJ. Liv Right Nutrition will provide it’s high quality protein powders, vitamins and gourmet protein baked goods to all locations of Ozone Fitness, including the Shrewsbury Tennis Club, Beacon Hill Country Club.

Benefits of one on one consultations:
A. Medical history review, before the consult, to safely pinpoint issues
B. Detailed consultation
C. Weight loss program, Medical History, Vitamins, & Food review
D. Topics covered in consultation; medical history issues; Sleep; hydration; present nutrition; prescribed supplement plan, prescribed exercise plan, and with the change psychology applied.
E. Access to the best, All Natural Food rich Vitamins and proteins.
F. Post consultation follow up coaching.
Initial Consultation Price $175.00 Special first time consultation $140.00 limited time only) use promotional code : Test TTF.
Follow up consultation (Optional Inquire)

Ozone Bios (4)

Keith A. Molloy B.A., CSCS, CISSN Certified Sports

Nutritionist/Nutrient Timing Expert, Certified Cardiovascular Specialist
(Athlete’s Performance)
Trainer/Strength Coach/Sports Nutritionist & Nutrient Timing Expert



1. We help troubleshoot potential problems by utilizing specific behavior-modification coaching techniques.
2. We together determine your needs and goals.
3. We will take steps towards your goals
4. We teach you many aspects required for life-long success.



• Water: Water is critical for good health. Being properly hydrated helps mental clarity, joint health, weight loss, circulation, perspiration, elimination, respiration.

*Goal*: Half your body weight in ounces a day….more if you drink caffeine or alcohol.

• Sleep: Sleep 6 to 9 hours per night. During REM sleep positive hormone reactions occur. (growth hormone, ghrelin, cortisol).
Nutrition / Supplementation:
* Eat whole foods, limit processed foods.
* Increase protein intake.
* Decrease processed Carbs (bread/cereal/pasta)
* Use Multivitamin, fish oils, probiotic daily.

• Exercise: 1/2 hour per day, 5 times per week moderately or 2-3 times per week with intensity.

*Change Psychology* – We can’t do more than one action step at a time well, so don’t. From this list pick one action step and do that for one week. Then Slowly build your health improvement plan by adding new steps weekly.

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