Come experience an unmatched level of service with our exclusive 1-on-1 Fitness Coaching program. First, perform a needs analysis based upon an initial consultation where we analyze your health and fitness goals and give you the opportunity to tour the facility. Then we take you through the Functional Movement Screen, a comprehensive movement analysis designed to assess joint mobility and stability, and a graded treadmill test, designed to assess cardiovascular ability and recovery. Next, we ask you to complete our Healthy Living Questionnaire to better understand your exercise, eating, and lifestyle habits. Finally, we perform an optional body composition assessment, a test to determine the amount of fat weight and muscle weight in your body. With this information, we custom-build you a cutting edge exercise and nutrition program to specifically target your unique goals. Every 4- 6 weeks, the program will be adjusted to keep the routine interesting and to ensure continuous results. With this comprehensive tiered process, in an atmosphere that will improve your mental, physical and emotional quality of life, success is guaranteed!


Have you always wanted a Personal Trainer but it was hard to fit into your budget? Much like our 1-on-1 program, our Semi-Private Fitness Coaching program delivers unparalleled service and focused attention.
In a more cost efficient format, semi-private Fitness Coaching groups allow 2 to 4 participants, which reduce the cost without reducing the customization. The fitness trainer will meet with each participant privately to discuss your goals and tour the facility. The fitness coach will then take each participant separately through the Functional Movement Screen, graded treadmill test, Healthy Living Questionnaire, and optional body composition testing. With the information from each assessment, we build each participant a customized exercise and nutrition program to specifically target your unique goals. Every 4- 6 weeks, the program will be adjusted to keep the routine interesting and to ensure continuous results. The dynamic atmosphere of group training fuels truly contagious energy!



Tired of overcrowded classes with no personalized attention?
Experience our custom group Fitness Studio that ensures individualized attention and safety. We limit our class size to 8 people. Classes include, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and Hight Intensity Training in a variety that is safe effective and most of all FUN!!


An average athlete will excel at their sport by performing to their current potential. A great athlete will dominate at their sport by maximizing their potential to perform.

Athletic Development and Performance Training at Ozone Fitness. At Ozone Fitness, our coaches know that the development of a great athlete starts with a strong foundation. The building blocks of that foundation are fundamentals of strength and performance training. No matter what age you are or sport you play, an athlete must have flexibility, strength, power, endurance, speed, coordination, and agility to succeed.

We don’t do sport specific training; we develop athletes for sport through the mastery of the fundamentals of human performance. And that’s where the difference is made on the field of play! Each athlete will be taken through the Functional Movement Screen to assess joint stability and mobility. Then, each athlete will be assessed for, strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. With this information and the demands of their sport, our coaches will custom-design a progressive periodized strength and conditioning program. Whether the athlete is in-season, off-season, or preparing for the upcoming season, developing the components of strength and performance skills is paramount for optimal injury prevention and playing time. Athletes will learn how to couple training and nutrition to develop the ultimate performance machine. Our coaches create an environment to develop strong, confident, and accountable athletes, attributes that will transfer to every aspect of life!


Ozone Fitness of Tinton Falls has teamed up with Liv Right Nutrition of Toms River NJ. Liv Right Nutrition will provide its high-quality protein powders, vitamins and gourmet protein baked goods to all locations of Ozone Fitness, including the Shrewsbury Tennis Club, Beacon Hill Country Club.


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Our fitness center specializes in Adult fitness. We offer Personal Training, Group Classes, Memberships, Golf and Tennis fitness. Convenient locations for residents of Little Silver, Tinton Falls, Shrewsbury, Red Bank, Eatontown, Rumson, NJ and nearby towns.

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